Live tweeting from Calder Cup Game 5

The Hershey Bears will take the ice tonight for Game 5 of the Calder Cup finals, facing the Texas Stars at Cedar Park Center for a chance to make history. Previous to 2010, teams leading the AHL finals 2-0 have only lost the series twice in the history of the league- and a team has never lost after winning the first two games on the road.

Thankfully the Bears have found their groove, doubling up the Stars in the last two contests (6-3, 4-2 respectively), and the heroics of John Carlson, Alexandre Giroux, and Andrew Gordon have been on full display. Game 5 has always been pivotal game- when a finals series has been tied 2 games a piece, the game 5 winner went on to win 17 of 18 times. And what better for the Bears to go on to claim their AHL record 11th Calder Cup on home ice at Giant Center, a game that sold out in under 5 hours?

Well, not much really. But we’re going to try. We sent (okay, she was planning on going anyway) our Hershey Bears expert to the Austin suburbs to report on the game – live. Make sure you are following us on twitter as she will hop on to share her insight on the game, hockey in Texas, $2 beer night at Cedar Park Center, and the lack of ability in reporting by Austin Statesman.

Feel free to throw questions her way as well, but be patient and keep your persecution to a minimum since this is her first time dabbling in the twitterverse. Go Bears!

Update: NHL Network is reporting they will carry Games 5-6-7 of the Calder Cup in the US , without blackouts. Huzzah!

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