A new way to Rock The Red!

Fear not, loyal (and occasional) reader of Rock The Red! Welcome to our new look. It’s kind of like in She’s All That, when the ugly chick takes off her glasses and throws her smock to the back of the closet, finding inner beauty and becoming the talk of the school – but without the unneccessary dance number.

If you haven’t been completely shellshocked yet here’s what to expect as some things will change, and some will stay the same.


  • New makeover! We love it, we hope you do too. The design fella did amazing work, and was patient enough to hear myself and Mos out. 
  • New platform! While we are still peeking around at all that Bloguin has to offer, we’re still learning the what’s-what and the how-to’s. If you see something on the fritz, send us an email. Chances are we just tripped over a wire while snooping about.
  • New network! If you head over to the Bloguin homepage, and you really should, there are hundreds of blogs on everything from college sports to why Brett Favre can’t make decisions in a timely manner.


  • Us! Please accept our apologies now.
  • You guys! We couldn’t do it without you guys (and gals) so thanks for sticking around. Please sign up for a username in the top right corner, so we can keep tabs on all your witty retorts.
  • Past attempts at journalism! While we are still adding the crown molding to the new site, we will make sure the good, the bad , and the ugly of our previous posts will stick around.
So, we invite you to poke around and tell us your thoughts. We hope you enjoy the makeover as much as we do!