It’s Raining Weagles

In his now infamous radio rant about the Washington Redskins horrendous Monday night loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Chad Dukes brings up the amount of Redskins branded merchandise he’s purchased over the years, and how the team owes him for all the money he’s spent on the team over the years.
“…I don’t know how many thousands of dollars I have dumped down this team in merchandise and in jerseys…”
This got me thinking about just how much red (and some white, blue, and black and copper) Washington Capitals gear I own. Raiding the closets, shelves and coat racks around my home, I came up with a fairly massive pile of Caps gear. It’s depressing.
So, with my head hung low, here is the inventory of all things Caps in my home:
-35th Anniversary patch (x2)
-Capitals logo patch
-Caps Kids Club package (lunch bag, Slapshot bobblehead, wristbands, temporary tattoos)
-Bobbleheads (Ovechkin x2, Boudreau, Green, Carlson)
-Loads of playoff towels
-Poster-sized Bud Lite bar schedule
-Promo Scarfs
-Fleece helmet hats
-Caps Convention passes
-Courage Caps (red and blue ski hats, camo baseball cap)
-Coaches jacket
-Varlamov jersey
-Alzner jersey
-Ovechkin jersey (black)
-Infant Ovechkin jersey
-Baby socks
-Baby onesies
-Baby “Unleash the Fury” shirt
-Reversible Baby hat
-Blue women’s sweatshirt
-35th anniversary sweatshirt
-Red Weagle sweatshirt
-Player shirts (Ovie, Steckel, Varlamov x2, Carlson x2)
-St. Pats Day Green shirt
-Old logo St. Pats Day shirt
-Hats (blue w/ Weagle, red women’s script hat, white RBK, red STH Party giveaway hat)
-Schedule magnets
-Caps polo
-Development Camp Under Armour polo
-Caps car decals
-Red warm-up pants
-Reusable tote bag
-Car flags
Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer
-STH lanyard, ticket holder, pin
-Media guides
-Year books
-Dog collar & leash

Its scary just how much of my (and my wife’s, and my son’s, and my dog’s…) wardrobe has a Weagle on it. Chances are I’ll someday have to explain to my son that the reason he has college debt is because of all this excess.
But it’s also interesting just how much of this schwag is of the promotional giveaway variety. Say what you want about the cost of attending a hockey game these days, but the Caps certainly spend some money letting their fans know they’re appreciated.
Still, I think I’m going to go make a nice charitable donation now. I feel kinda dirty.