I like Cold Beverages (…especially Gin & Juice)

[Ed. Note: Many thanks to KP_Row for the investgative reporting on Monday’s So Kids Can charity event at the 9:30 Club!]

G. Love and Special Sauce has been a favorite of mine for the past 15 years or so.  I remember hearing “Baby’s Got Sauce” in my neighbor’s car for the first time on my way to High School.  I’ve seen the band perform numerous times: on Frat Row at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), on G Street prior to the revitalization of Chinatown, performing with Jack Johnson at Merriweather Post Pavilion.  So when Mike Green’s fundraiser featured one of my favorite bands, I couldn’t resist purchasing tickets for myself and my husband, as well as convincing a couple of girlfriends (and fellow Caps fans) to pick up tickets.

I attended last night’s concert more as a G. Love fan than a Caps fan (though, let’s face it, knowing our Norris Trophy Finalist would be in attendance didn’t hurt).  I didn’t have pockets deep enough to spring for the VIP meet and greet, so after a couple of beverages, we headed to the 9:30 Club, getting there around 9:00.  We walked inside and upstairs, quickly spotting Green chatting up fans and posing for pictures.  Soon he was on stage, thanking the sponsors and crowd for attending, as well as his friends – Backstrom, Carlson, and Schultz were enjoying their own Cold Beverages (Carlson sipping on Root Beer, I’m sure).  Apparently DJ King, Ovi, and MJ90 were in attendance (at least during the meet and greet) but we didn’t have the pleasure of spotting them.

G. Love came on stage and treated the crowd to some old favorites, including “Sweet Sugar Mama,” which I hadn’t heard live in years.  This fan was a bit disappointed that “Rodeo Clowns,” “Steppin’ Stone,” and “Baby’s Got Sauce” weren’t played, though performances of Paul McCartney and Bo Diddley songs, and a particularly epic cover of Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” almost made up for it.  Kelly Bell made an appearance on the Bo Diddley cover, as well as played bongos (no, not with Alex Semin) for a couple of the band’s songs.

The crowd thinned out as the night wore on, but those that stayed to the end got about 2 hours and 2 encores from the band.  Most of the players weren’t seen after the early mention, but Green stayed through the end, hopefully not prolonging his reported bout with the flu.  As a G. Love fan, I very much enjoyed the evening and was happy to hear from my girlfriends that, as new listeners, they thought he put on a very entertaining show.  It was much more of a musical experience than a hockey experience, though that may not have been the case for attendees who came through the doors before 9PM.

The event raised over $12,000 from the silent auction, on top of the percentage of ticket sales that went to charity.