Game 6: S-Halak-ed! Washington Capitals 1, Montreal Canadiens 4

The Montreal Canadians came out on fire against the Washington Captials once again. Montreal’s Mike Cammalleri netted 2 goals in the first 10 minutes of the game to put the Habs up on Alex Ovechkin and the rest of the Caps. Goaltender Jaroslav Halak stood on his head for the entire game, stopping more shots than I would like to mention, robbing DC of any offense they were able to muster. The Canadiens continued their rout early in the third when Maxim Lapierre lit the lamp on a blast from the blue line to put the Habs up 3-0. Later that period, Eric Fehr would snag a bullet pass from Mike Green to net the Caps only goal of the game, but Tomas Plekanec was able to hammer the final nail in the coffin with an empty netter with roughly a minute to go. Caps choke 4-1.

Halak Save

Caps didn’t Fehr well… More after the Jump.

Make the Jump for the G,B, & U... Do It!

The Good

-Happy Birthday to Krafty and MOsborn…about the only good thing about the night.

-Eric Fehr prevents a shutout by snagging a shot-pass from MG52 to save the Caps from being blanked on the night.

-The Defense, I guess? They did only allow 22 shots to reach Czarlamov.  It’s on the lower end of the shots-allowed spectrum for the Caps this year.

The Bad

-Stupid penalties by Mike Green, Flash and Eric Fehr. Luckily Montreal took quite a few Crosby’s diving penalties, and other minor penalties to allow the Caps several power play chances.

-You’re a bad, bad man, Halak. If you look up standing on your head in the dictionary- you’ll see his face. The Caps out shot the Habs by a margin greater than the Grand Canyon, and Jaro sealed their win by stoping 53 of 54 shots.

-Oh No Corvo…and Semin… and Laich.  -2 is no way to spend your post season. Granted Morrisonn, Carlson, Grandpa Knubs, Gordon, and Ovechkin were all -1.  Ouch.

The Ugly

-Tomas Fleischmann continues to be a ghost. But to his defense, he had a killer save in the 3rd and drew a penalty shortly after to give the Caps another chance, which failed.

-Speaking of spectres, where the hell is the power play?  I’m putting a call into TAPS to get some confirmation of a haunting or demonic possession. A power play under 4% is more unreal than the movies shown on SyFy.

- That empty feeling when Montreal’s Plekanec notched an empty netter. Now I know how all those other teams feel.


3 games a piece. Now its do or die.