Development Camp interview with Washington Capitals prospect Brett Flemming

Since we weren’t able to make it to Development Camp today, we’ve been sharing the interviews we were able to compile after Day 3’s scrimmage. In addition to speaking with Joe Finley and 2010 draft pick Samuel Carrier, the Miz from Fight For Old DC and I were able to speak with Brett Flemming, a 2009 5th round draft pick. In his second year at the Caps’ Dev Camp, Flemming has been showing off  his skating abilities, as well as his strong work ethic.

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Rock the Red: How do you feel the scrimmage went for you?

Brett Flemming: It was pretty fast and I thought I could keep up pretty well. I’ve been training pretty hard so I think it went really well.

RtR: What do you want to focus on most for tomorrow’s scrimmage?

BF: Just relaxing and finding my place in the scrimmage. I think a lot of guys have a lot of nerves going on so it’s kind of scrambly at times. So just settling in.

Fight For Old DC: What do you feel is your best strength as a defenseman?

BF: My skating. I’m a pretty smooth skater, which helps me at times. It helps me get loose pucks, win battles, that kind of stuff.

FFODC: Obviously defense has been a talked about issue in DC with last year in the playoffs. With Alzner and Carlson most likely coming up [to the Caps], Where do you think you fit in the pecking order?

BF: I’m just trying to soak it in right now, and I’m not trying to place myself anywhere in this organization. I still have another year in Junior left before I can really go anywhere.

FFODC: Do you have any goals for your last season in Junior?

BF: My team is actually hosting the Memorial Cup, so it’d be nice to win that. It’d be a good team goal for us.

FFODC: Who would you compare yourself to in the NHL?

BF: I’m from Toronto, so a good comparison – and he just got traded there – is Brett Lebda. He’s a smaller defenseman and a good skater, like me.

RtR: What did you think of the crowd today for the game?

BF: It was a pretty good crowd. It’s hard to tell how many people are actually there, but it looked pretty solid.

RtR: What are your thoughts on the Finley-Pisano fight?

BF: It’s nice to see that kind of stuff. It’s part of hockey. It was a pretty good fight with two big guys. I don’t even know if they connected! Too long a reach, they couldn’t even reach  each other! [laughs]

FFODC: We noticed you’ve been in a couple of scraps yourself on Hockey Fights.

BF: It’s not really a part of my game, but defending a teammate, or defending myself, I’ll fight if I have to.

RtR: How’d you prepare differently for this camp than last year?

BF: I went to the same training facility, and I think I prepared for this camp really well last year so I tried to do the same thing.


Throughout Dev Camp, Flemming has not let his size (5’11″, 179 Lbs) hold him back from excelling. He has an excellent attidute on and off the ice, and the work ethic to match. It’ll be interesting to see how his game progresses through his final season in the OHL and how successful his transition will be despite being a smaller defenseman.