Countdown to Capitals Rookie Camp: 30-39

As we continue our countdown, we need to place all seriousness aside and realize there are really only two choices for the 30s:

Olie Kolzig wore #37 from 1993-2008 (He briefly wore 31 and 35), and it was worn by 6 players between 1986-1991.  Olie would have to hold it alone (as the likes of  John Purves and Alfie Turcotte don’t ruffle any Caps fans’ feathers), but 2 all-star games, a Vezina, a Clancy, a Cup-Final Appearance, countless team records and broken goalie sticks, and the best fight ever puts him high in contention.  Oh, and like 300 wins.

Dale Hunter wore #32, like President John Adams, Torrie Robertson, and hard working agitator Lou Franceschetti before him.  Since named Dale the best #32 ever, this might be an easy one, especially if you add in fan favorite Lou and his ineligible antics at the latest Winter Classic.  Hunter alone has 2003 PIMs plus 181 goals and 556 points as a Cap, including one of the greatest goals ever in 88.  Unlike Olie, he was the official team Captain, plus he sat on Steve Yzerman in the 1998 Stanley Cup Final.  He is still the Caps all-time leader in playoff games, assists, and points.