Collecting our winnings: Playoffs Round 1 challenge

As you remember, we always own up (and hopefully collect) on the wagers we make with other bloggers/amongst ourselves/our significant others. Before the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs started, the boys at Rock the Red decided to risk it all and take on our wives in a winner-takes-all pick ‘em. It’s time to face the music.

Based on marital match-ups, the only blogger that emerged victorious was mosborn – edging out his Mrs. 3-2. Krafty lost to his wife 5-6, but managed to take the crown with the most correct picks among the fellas. Wes will also be cleaning for the rest of the month, as his wife out-picked him 5-4.  There were only three instances where the correct winner and number of games, two of which were by the women (Mrs. Wes and Mrs. Krafty both picked the Penguins in 6).

Whether the women got tips from a bookie, consulted the hockey gods, or were just plain ol’ lucky – we will never know.  But as its ever been- and forever be- the woman is always right.