Chris Bourque Calder Cup MVP Giveaway!


While we have posted this picture of the shirtless Mike Green and Chris Bourque combo before, it sadly didn’t make the jump in our archives when we joined the Bloguin network- but their loss is your gain! In celebration of C-Bo’s Jack A. Butterfield Trophy winning performance throughout the Calder Cup, we wanted to offer our readers the chance to win a Bourque autographed program from the inaugural Capitals Convention! How do I win, you ask? Here’s all the information you need:

Leave us a caption for this picture recalling the bromantical afternoon filled with spring-time toplessness, sunglasses guaranteed to offer the same UV protection as Saran Wrap, and hats “broke off” to a 45 degree angle. A winner will be chosen next Friday, the 2nd, at which point we will mail the winner their prize (’cause we’re nice guys like that). And since we have nifty + and – buttons within our comments section, help us decide who should win by voting others’ comments “up” or “down.” Well, whaddaya waiting for? Enter today!