Caption Contest Tuesday: Ovechkin vs. Thrash RESULTS

Last week, we posed the challenge to you to create a caption for a picture of Alex Ovechkin and Thrash seemingly re-creating the dance scene from Pulp Fiction. Our readers responded with everything from Shakespearian solioquies to children’s nursery rhymes – but since it’s a competition, only one can win.

No Bird, Ted does Dougie better. Now, shots vodka. Submitted by Slic

Honorable Mentions:

“I’m a little teapot, short and stout . . . ” – The Horn Guy

Aristocrat?! YOU got me a bottle of ARISTOCRAT for my birthday? – Hockey Horror

Congrats, Slic – be sure to email us your information so we can hold up our end of the deal. As for the rest of the people who entered, thanks much – and stay tuned for our next contest!