Caps/Pens 24/7 Episode 2: Thoughts and Things

Last night we were treated once again by HBO’s Caps/Pens 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic. Episode 2 was fan-freakin-tastic. If you saw it you probably agree, if you haven’t watched yet- stop reading now.

This episode was a turning points of sorts. We see the fallibility of a team that appeared to be infallible as the Pens lose two in a row then right their ship. Then we have our Washington Capitals·as we·continue along with the struggles as they·find a way to win. By the time the episode aired most fans new the outcome of the episode, but to see it from the inside was awesome. Lets recap some of the highlights of the episode.

The opening few minutes with the Pens visiting the Flyers was going good until Sid told his fighting story. I thought it lacked·the spark that you would expect from a fight story. Then again it is Crosby telling the story. Personality does not compute. But they were right about the whole “Philly” experience. Trust me,·I live near Philly, I’ve seen a fight almost breakout at a Dave Matthews Concert for Pete’s sake!

Pump your fist and make the Jump.

Green on the scooter with sweats and slippers heading to Kettler was great. Followed by the totally awkward moment in the training room where Ovi opened his towel in front of Green before getting on the table. Whether he had on his man-kini on or not, I know people are going to bust on him for it. Just shows how much they don’t know about playing sports at an elite level. It happens, they are grown men, get over it.

Anything GMGM said was perfect. From his management philosophy, to the knocking on us pundits and discussion of the rumors of firing Coach Bruce. He nailed it. It instilled a great deal of confidence in the fans that the Caps will conintue to be a great team for many years to come. We are in good hands.

The turning point of the losing streak, I thought, was caught on film beautifully. I personally didn’t think it was the Anaheim game. The game against the Ducks was the bottom of the pit. However when Knuble spoke up in the locker room after the Caps we down 3-0 to the Bruins was the turning point. I think the boys were at a point were someone needed to step up and say what needed to be said. They had had enough of Bruce telling them, They just needed to hear a Veteran step in and say enough is enough.

The Senators game and going down 0-2, I thought “here we go again”… but then it happened: Bruce’s speech before the game definitely sparked the team. Chimmer and Hendy’s comments hit it on the head and showed that Bruce’s emotional coaching style works. These players know what to do, they just need to be brought back down to earth from time to time. They have the technical skills, but like anyone, they need the motivation.

We’ll we figured out why Chimera couldn’t score. I mean, I’ve heard of two left feet, but how about two left gloves? Glad he showed that he got the fixed in the Devils game.

The glipse into Ovi’s home life should give a lot of people who dislike him a slightly new perspective on the Great One. Will we see Sid at Mario’s next week continuing to destroy dryers?

So what were your favorite or not so favorite parts?

Ok enough of that. Sid, Malkinstein and the rest of the Pens come to visit so start learning the Song folks, ’cause IT”S ON!