Caps at Quantico

When the Caps took a team building trip to the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA earlier this week, they got the chance to try out several training tools used by one of the most state of the art investigative forces in the world, including an interactive situation simulator, SWAT training center, driving course, bomb disposal and fingerprinting training and a trip to the FBI shooting range. Oh, and they got to blow stuff up.

Besides being a great chance to do something fun as a team and see the training that goes into being an FBI field agent, the trip inadvertently served several other purposes.

More, after our background checks.

  • In learning how to use the battering ram, Mike Green now has a new training tool for building up the muscles in his shoulder.
  • Ovie now knows how to drive a car backwards at 100mph. Good job FBI. If you see him watering down South Capital Street, get out of the area ASAP!
  • The FBI now has a full collection of every Russian Capitals player’s fingerprints.
  • Remember that steroid investigation? Pretty safe to say, if you’re part of a criminal investigation you don’t get invited to Quantico… at least not to have fun.
  • Brooks Laich can now change tires, apprehend suspects, diffuse bombs and crash the net. Now if he could only decorate his house…
  • By watching how Alex Semin handled himself at the shooting range, George McPhee can now prove that Sasha didn’t stay in Russia for ‘military training’.
  • Tomas Fleischmann was officiallty added to the Bureau’s ‘Missing Persons’ list
  • Sidney Crosby somehow made it onto the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.
  • From the shot pattern on his target, Dave Steckel is proficient at hitting his target in the chest. Unfortunately, so is Alex Ovechkin lately.