Capitals Convention Kid’s Panel (aka Blogger Development Camp)

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the Kids’ Panel at the Capitals Convention this past Saturday.  The reviews last year were nothing short of rave, and I missed out (hey, they scheduled it during the Hershey Bears Panel), so I made it a point to be there this year.

By now you may have seen the video of Brads and Fehr singing “Happy Birthday” to a sweet young girl named Mackenzie, followed by Ovi doing the same in Russian.  This video epitomizes the reasons for this panel.  The young fans are given a chance to interact with their heroes while learning the things that interest them – like the players’ favorite animals, or what they like to eat.

Because I’m not a highly skilled stenographer, below are the notes on some of the questions I really enjoyed, as well as the answers (paraphrased, for the most part).  Also of note, I wonder what kind of preparations the team did with Matt Bradley.  He did a fantastic job of keeping Ovechkin on task and g-rated.  And, if you’d like to add a question you liked in the comments section that I may have missed, or if you’d like to correct me (because hey, I wrote fast and semi-illegibly), feel free to fill in the blanks for us!

Get the Straight Q & A…after the Jump


How did you guys win all the preseason games (because at this point in time, they had)?

Fehr: We scored more goals than the other team

Ovi, how much better are you than Crosby?

Bradley: Much, much better.

Who do you hate more, Carcillo or Crosby?

Bradley: Carcillo
Fehr: I hate them both
Ovechkin: I love them both

What’s your favorite animal?

Ovechkin: [He talked on this subject for a long time, so this is the answer he finally got to] I love my German Shepherd.  She is the best dog in the world and she’s here in the United States with me now.
Bradley: I love all animals
Fehr: I love giraffes because they’re big like Jeff Schultz

Who is your favorite Capital other than yourself?

Fehr: Schultz because he’s so nasty
Ovechkin: Matt Bradley
Bradley: 1st is Ovie, 2nd is Fehr, and 3rd is Stecks because he’s also nasty

If you could fight anyone in the NHL who would you pick?

Ovechkin: [quick to answer] Semin
Bradley: Steckel
Fehr: I’m a lover not a hater

What do you like to eat before a game?

Ovechkin: Pasta marinara, pasta alfredo, chicken, mushrooms, filet mignon
Bradley: Pasta and chicken
Fehr: Pasta and chicken

What were you guys thinking when you scored 8 goals that one game?

Bradley: I had a concussion, so I honestly don’t remember
Ovechkin: I was suspended
Fehr: We scored a lot of goals!

This is for Ovi and Bradley. What was going through your mind during the Steve Downie incident?

Fehr: I was involved too.  If I hadn’t come off of the ice to change for Bradley, he wouldn’t have been there
Bradley: No, Ovi!  No!  I can’t have Ovi get hurt, we need him to stay healthy, so I have to step in on those.
Ovechkin: It’s good.  I want to fight him, but then Brads came.

What’s your favorite away city to play in?

Ovechkin: New York!  Good town, lots of restaurants, shopping, night clubs… but not before game!

What’s the hardest part about being a Capital?

Bradley: Getting ice time (while looking at Ovechkin)
Fehr: Going home in April and having a long summer was hard for me

What’s the best thing about being a hockey player?

Ovechkin: Losing teeth