Boy, oh Boyd!: Capitals 5, Canadiens 1

For the first time this post-season, the Washington Capitals received scoring support from the second, third and fourth lines – and moved to a 2-1 series lead over the Montreal Canadiens. Boyd Gordon was able to start the Caps scoring with a turnover-turned-shorthanded goal, and Brooks LaichEric Fehr, and Alex Ovechkin quickly followed suit silencing a raucous Bell Centre. The Habs promptly lost their composure, including a 10-minute misconduct for Scott Gomez following a 2-minute cross-checking on Jason Chimera and a 2 and 2 for Tomas “Don’t call me Jagr” Plekanec.  Matt Bradley rounded out DC’s supplemental scoring attack with 45 seconds remaining in the game, capping off a very productive, game-high 5-hit night.

Halak, meet the bench. Bench, meet Halak. Now that we’re all acquainted, make the jump to read the rest of the recap!

The Good:

– Two words: Boyd Gordon. In addition to his shorty, Gordo was 13-for-15 (87%) in the face off circle on the night. Someone just penciled himself in for Wednesday’s game.

– Defensively, the Capitals looked much improved and motivated. This added facet to the Caps’ game allowed them to attack the transition game better and limit turn-overs drastically.

– The fourth line put 12 shots on net. Talk about reviving the hard working, tough from top-to-bottom squad we’ve come to know and love.

– By walking away from obvious bait situations, Jason Chimera was able to stifle any attempts by the Habs to swing the momentum. I love this guy – rough and tough most of the time, and Gentle Ben when needed. Talk about discipline.

– What goalie controversy? Semyon Varlamov stood on his head the entire night, and handled everything the Canadiens threw his way. There’s something about this kid and the playoffs…

The Bad:

Alex Semin‘s play hurt my brain parts. His series can be summed up as 0 goals, 0 assists, 1 hit, 2 takeaways, 2 penalties, and 16 missed shots. Can someone get this kid focused?

– What’s up with the Bell Centre’s horn to signal the end of a period? I couldn’t tell if I was watching a hockey game or someone stepped on a dog toy.

– The Capitals’ power play needs to sit in the corner and think about what it has done. Or lack there of, really. Some adjustments need to be made when you’re sitting at 0-for-14 and your PK has scored more goals.

The Ugly:

– Really, Montreal? Booing the United States of America’s National Anthem? This from the same country that hosted the Olympics. Way to have some class.