The great playoff challenge: Round 1

As the 2009-10 season of the National Hockey League continues its natural progression, we fans find ourselves working through a checklist of ingredients necessary as we evolve into the postseason. This list includes grabbing new playoff ready paraphernalia and clothing, preparing your playoff beard, and scouring every site imaginable to find tickets that are selling for less than trading a left kidney on the black market. This list also highlights compiling a playoff pool to compete amongst friends and family for bragging rights and (sometimes) money.

The male bloggers of Rock the Red decided to take on a challenge never before attempted. It is so great, against competitors so fierce, it scares most mortals and defies the laws of sanity.

Read on.

That’s right, we’re taking on our wives.

Not only is this a challenge to determine who can pick the most winners, it also serves as an experiment to further research in the “the woman is always right” dispute. This might go horribly, horribly wrong – but we’re men that love a challenge. Here goes…

Wes                  Mrs. Wes              Mosborn         Mrs. Mosborn            Krafty               Mrs. Krafty              
WSH vs MTL Capitals-6 Capitals-5 Capitals-4 Capitals-4 Capitals-6 Capitals-4
NJD vs PHI Flyers-7 Flyers-6 Devils-6 Devils-5 Devils-4 Devils-7
BUF vs BOS Sabres-6 Sabers-5 Sabres-5 Sabres-6 Sabres-5 Bruins-7
PIT vs OTT Penguins-7 Penguins-6 Senators-5 Senators-6 Penguins-7 Penguins-6
SJS vs COL Avalanche-7 Avalanche-7 Sharks-4 Avalanche-5 Sharks-4 Sharks-5
CHI vs NSH Blackhawks-4 Blackhawks-7 Blackhawks-5 Blackhawks-4 Blackhawks-4 Blackhawks-5
VAN vs LAK Canucks-6 Canucks-5 Kings-5 Kings-5 Canucks-5 Canucks-7
PHX vs DET Coyotes-7 Red Wings-6 Red Wings-4 Red Wings-6 Red Wings-6 Red Wings-6


Wish us luck. I have a feeling we’ll need it.