National “Bring a Friend to a Hockey Game” Day

National “Bring a Friend to a Hockey Game” Day

December 11th 2010

A friend in need is a friend indeed, especially when that friend isn’t a hockey fan. And while a friend with weed may be better, and friend who takes a friend to a hockey game is Awesome!

We all have them, the neighbor, the co-worker, the spouse who every time you try to talk hockey to them they do that head tilt thing dogs do when you think they actually understand human speak. So what’s a hockey fan to do? We hope to cure that with National “Bring a Friend to a Hockey Game” Day.

A fan movement by hockey fans, for hockey fans and soon to be hockey fans.  “National Bring a Friend to Hockey Day” is a fan based movement to bring more people into the sport of hockey. The goal is to spread the joy and excitement to those who have yet to experience all there is about hockey and being a hockey fan. We know that peer pressure is sometimes a pain, but it can be a great ally in spreading some hockey love. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help!

Whether it’s your best friend, co-worker, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbor, offspring or even your pet dog, we don’t really care, we would just like you to introduce someone new to hockey, hopefully sparking their interest in the sport and pointing them down the road to fandom. It could be just one person, a family, golf buddies, or even your whole platoon. It doesn’t matter, as long as the good will and love of the sport can be passed along.

hockey love

And so will your friends…Make the Jump and find out more!!



How can you participate?

Simply find someone who is not currently a fan and watch a game with them. There are so many things you can do. You could go all out and take someone to an actual live game or just throw a simple party at your house.  The key is to help a friend enjoy the game. Be there to answer questions and help them understand the game. Remember the goal is to have them enjoy the game and pique their interest, so please refrain from over-bearing hockey-know-it-all-ness.

Make sure to take lots of pictures as we’d love to be able to share fans stories from around the country.
All pictures and stories can be sent to your favorite blog, posted on your Facebook  or tagged on Twitter with the “Baff Tag” Hash Tag – #baftahg
Why BAFTAGH? well I don’t know, just because.

So spread the word and mark your calendars. National “Bring A Friend To A Hockey Game” Day will be here before you know it.  
Please if you head out and are drinking, have a Designated Driver or take the keys, hockey friends don’t let hockey friends drive drunk.

So why December 11th?

Well to appeal to more fans in more markets and to make it easy for almost anyone to catch a game, Saturday December 11th is host to 13 NHL games and countless College and Minor league games.  Plus it’s a Saturday, a good night to hit up your favorite sports bar, have a party at your crib, or head into town for a game.

Can’t make it to a game or cable mysteriously goes out on December 11th, don’t worry well let you slide.  Have photo from a past event? Send them in. Hell lie if you have to. We just hope at some point this hockey season you introduce a new fan to the sport we all love.

Here we’ll even help you find a game!

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