Ask the Great Zamboni!

Sometimes there is an enigma so deep that it overwhelms even the most knowledgeable Capitals hockey fan. And for these questions, we turn to the Great Zamboni – the power that has more answers than Google, and is more reliable than Dave Steckel in the face off circle (if that’s even possible). Even Chuck Norris consults the Great Zamboni from time to time, but he won’t admit it to anyone.

Today’s question for the Great Zamboni comes from Rock The Red reader Stephen V who ponders: “What do you think the caps should do at the goaltender position if all 3 goalies are performing well?”


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General Manager George McPhee was wise to not make a move for a           netminder at the trade deadline. Each of the Capitals’ goaltenders are very     capable and bring a seperate skill set to the crease each time they enter;      Theodore has experience, Varlamov has cat like reflexes, and Neuvirth is fundamentally strong. The problem is that each seem to fluxuate in           productivity. My suggestion is that the Capitals pick one goalie to start at       minimum 14 of the last 18 games, so he can be fully prepared and have     momentum heading into the playoffs. And I suggest this goaltender be Jose Theodore, who is playing some of the best hockey of his career.

There you have it, the Great Zamboni has spoken. As part of this week’s feature be sure to vote in our poll for the Goalie that you think the Capitals should be starting. Also, if you have any questions, concerns, or problems cleared up by the Great Zamboni send us an email – and if we use your question, we’ll send some (limited edition) Rock The Red stickers your way!