Alex Ovechkin: Near Genius?

Apparently ESPN thinks so. This advertisement, found on their website, suggests that the Washington Capitals’ Captain has an IQ of 132, which ranks him slightly higher than former president Abraham Lincoln (128) and just short of “The Ugly Duckling” author Hans Christian Andersen (145). Ovie is a mere 28 points shy of the brilliant minds of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, whom each clock in with an IQ of 160.

To put this in perspective, the intelligence quotient was developed in 1912 to determine intellect and is derived from standardized tests and ranks from “definite feeble-mindedness” to “immeasurably genius,” with an median value of 100. Only approximately 1% of the people in the world have an IQ of 135 or over.

While I am not aware if the Great 8 ever sat down to take the NFL-required Wonderlic Test, or if his quotient was affected by off-ice actions, so I will defer to Tomas Fleishmann for his assessment of Ovechkin’s IQ: “He’s a big guy, he’s fast and he’s got a real great shot… and he’s got hockey sense. It’s all packaged together. That’s why he’s the best.”

Near genius? I’d say so.