A RtR guide to Montreal

The Washington Capitals head to Quebec, Canada tonight to face the Montreal Canadiens for the third time in the opening round of the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. We here at Rock the Red realize that not many of the Caps’ fan-base has been fortunate enough to make the voyage across the border, and have sent our crack staff of researchers on a hunt to dig up what information they can about the city the Habs call their home. In addition to knowing that the Canadiens also call their home barn the “Phone Booth”, we’ve been able to assemble 15 other tidbits about the city known as la ville aux cent clochers.

15 essential things you need to know about Montreal, after the jump.

In 2007, Forbes Magazine ranked Montreal as the 10th cleanest city in the world.  Then the Habs brought Georges Laraque onto the team, and its ranking plummeted.

There is a bridge which prohibits cars from ever driving on it called the Ice-Breaker Bridge. It is used to break the ice during the winter months.  Apparently, the Ice-Breaker Bridge isn’t just a conversation starter.

During America’s dark Ages, a.k.a. Prohibition, Montreal was a place to escape for those craving some booze.

There are 46 dog parks on the island of Montreal, some even offering dog-sitter services. Also, Montreal’s farm team is the Hamilton BullDogs. What’s that amount to? A lot of poop.

In Montreal, the English speakers are known as Anglophones, leaving me to ask: If an Anglophone speaks English, what does a telephone speak?

Where the Canadiens have a NHL-record 24 Stanley Cup titles, Washington DC has the record as the only city to steal a baseball franchise from the team.

Montreal lies at the base and the foot of Mt. Royal, from where the place received its name.  Canada can thank some drunk’s slurred speech and blurred vision for its name.

Montreal parks can’t charge admission, therefore all the festivals are free and so is the “dancing in the park.” (not to be confused as a Celine Dion rip-off of Bruce Springsteen’s “dancing in the dark”)

With the highest number of tango dancers and dance halls on the continent, Montreal is the tango capital of North America. Someone alert Chad Ochocinco.

Montreal is sister-city to Hiroshima, Japan.   It has yet to update it’s Facebook status to reflect this, however.

High School in Montreal starts in grade 7 and ends in grade 11. Driver’s Ed in Montreal starts with “here are your keys” and ends with “did you hear that thump?”

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, losing top billing in the ’70’s to Toronto. In addition to the Expos and Canadiens, the government is considering making Youppi the mascot for the metro, hospitals, and liquor stores to re-gain interest in the city.

They make damn good steak seasoning.

It is home to an “Underground City”, a climate-controlled labyrinth of 10 metro stations, 2 train stations, 2 bus stations, 62 buildings, 7 major hotels, 1,615 apartments, 200 restaurants, 1,700 boutiques, 37 movie theaters, 2 universities, 1 college and 10,000 indoor parking spaces. That’d make for one hella game of capture the flag, no?

A popular local snack is “poutine” (French fries with cheese curds topped with gravy). Seems they have yet to discover  Ben’s Chili Bowl chili.