8 great ways to start the 2010-11 season at the Verizon Center

Change is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, the networks are always going to test some crazy new crap to “enhance” their coverage of sporting events.  Sometimes they come up with sweet ideas, like the goalie ice-cam. Sometimes, they come up with FoxTrax and fail miserably.

Similarly, teams who give a damn about their fan base, such as the Capitals, are always striving to come up with new ideas to improve the in-game experience.

So we figure, if they’re going to do it anyway, they might as well get some good ideas from the fans.  So we’ve come up with a few ideas which we feel could improve the game experience, while not altering the game itself. You know, besides removing all the mouse turds.


Read our ideas, and share your own, after the jump.

1. More cameras! How about a Skycam flying over the rink (ala the NFL), giving you brand new angles and views into the action below? Sure, they’re ugly as hell but we think the trade-off of seeing new angles on the game would be worth it. Especially for home viewers. It’s probably not feasible in some arenas, but could easily be pulled off at the Winter Classic, if nothing else.

2. Zamboni races during intermission! This one seems like a no-brainer. Watching the Zamboni drive in circles, as the ice-crew moves the net around, is about as exciting as watching the Atlanta Thrashers training camp. Instead, how about two Zambonis, racing around the rink, NASCAR-style? You could place side-bets on it, unlike Mites on Ice.

3. Give the real fans in the crappy seats the free burritos!
We’re sick of seeing lower-level center-ice Congressman getting all the Chipotle love. It’s time to start a revolution.

4. Put a mic in the penalty box! Would make for some great audio after a fight.

5. Ditch the in-game interviews! They’re worthless anyway, and probably distracting to the players.  Better yet, play the audio highlights from the mic’d up penalty box at intermissions.  Much better use of everyone’s time, without worrying about what language could be dropped on television. 

6. Add a song we can sing/cheer to after the Caps score!
Something to pump us up beyond the beloved horn and “Let’s Go Caps” chants- but better than what the contest turned out.  Just look at the Chicago Blackhawks’ goal song.  Everyone can (and does) sing along to that – and it seemed to work out okay for them.

7. Make Tom Green our honorary emcee for home games!
Everyone loves to Unleash The Fury – imagine how much fury we could unleash if Tom Green himself was leading the charge? The energy levels would be insane.

8. Introduce the new guy! When a new player is called up they should put an intro to him on the Jumbotron before the pre-game video.  Nobody calls games like John Walton – and a 30 second highlight clip showing what the call-up can do will not only introduce him to the fans, but the added bonus of John Walton calling said highlights would amp up the crowd (since his voice and style has that effect on people).